Multi-biometrics Auto Recognition Intelligent Gate (E-GATE)

        An intelligent gate integrating the four-slap fingerprint and face collection and registration, ID card reader, auto fingerprint and face recognition. It is used for self-checking at subway stop, public security checkpoint, road passenger terminal, railway passenger transport, as well as other circumstances for self-identification. The gate can be added other means of identification, such as iris, finger vein, etc. according to customers' requirements.


Product Appearance





Product Functions


 •  Multi-biometrics information collection

        ID card and passport reader, user fingerprint fast collector, and built-it high-resolution camera, inspection and photo cut automatically.

 •  Door switch by intelligent verification or identification

        Fingerprints and faces collected on the site to be compared with data read from ID card or passport by 1:1 verification or with the registered data by proportion of 1:N. Correct comparison will allow the door to be opened, and the passenger can pass by from the gate efficiently and conveniently.

 •  Anti-tail and anti-follow function

        The channel will be timely monitored by infrared sensor to avoid the unauthorized access of taggers.

 •  Reasonable design

        Humanity design of queuing buffer area, ID verification zone and passing control area. Designed for easy transportation, installation and smooth passing.

 •  Error self-checking

        Error self-checking and auto-alarm to ensure the safety and stability of device for convenient maintenance.

 •  Emergency control

        Protect the device and avoid any forced access.

        The gate door would be switched on if power was down by backup power supply to prevent crowd.

        Smooth and ordered access for passengers under staff guidance, automatically judgment of large baggage.

        Ensuring the fast access if any emergency, flexible long-open or long-close.



Product Applications


        Gateway on bus station, airport, railway station for passengers' self-identification by real name verification;

        Self-identification by real name verification on boarding gate;

        Access and exit control in upscale building;

        Access and exit control for important places such as staff in nuclear facilities.