Portable Multi-biometric Application System


The Hisign Portable Multi-biometric Application System is a multiple biometric information collection and recognition applications on a strong, portable computer integrated with related hardware and software. It is applied in non-fixed locations such as in a vehicle, an outdoor area, etc. It can be used for personal information collection, fingerprint and face image capture and verification, personal identity verification, blacklist identification.  It is widely applied in military, police and forensic organizations.



  Collection of general personal information: Standardized one-time input of collected personal information including demographic information, e-ID card information, face images, fingerprint (and palm print), mobile phone, personal computer, DNA labelling, SMT, etc.
  Recognition with fingerprint and face image: The system is capable of storing blacklist database of ten-prints and face images of 100 thousand people(extendable). The captured fingerprint and face image can be real time searched against the database and the result can be returned within 20 seconds.
  Data upload and download: The captured personal information is stored in the local system and can be synchronized automatically to the backend central platform when connected to the network, and then can be transmitted to related application systems. The data can also be exported in standard format for various applications. The blacklist data input into the central platform can also be downloaded into this portable system. The central platform also accepts data import in standard format.
  Portable and easy carrying: Designed in the form of a suitcase with rechargeable battery capable of more than 4 hours continuous operation.
  Powerful: Integrated with multiple functions of data collection, personal identity verification, blacklist searching, etc.
  Modular integration: Highly integration of various biometric information collection modules.
  Open system: the central platform can be connected with other applications to share and exchange data through preserved data interface.







Strong, portable, extension interface, battery for continuous operation to no less than 4 hours.

i5-2410M @ 2.30GHz CPU/8GB Memory/256 GB Solid state Disk



Fingerprint capturer

Rolled ten-print, flat print, with capturing and processing software

Select one

Fingerprint and palm print capturer

Four-slap, rolled  ten-print, flat print, lower palm, writer’s palm, with software for capture, segmentation and processing



1.2M pixel, to capture frontal, left and right profiles, and SMT



Barcode reader

Reading of DNA labelling code.



e-ID card reader

Information from the ID card chip



Mobile phone reader

To read information from mobile phone, including SIM card, contacts, call record, messages, brand and model of the phone, OS, etc.



Computer reader

To capture MAC, CPU ID, BIOS, UUID, etc.



Portable multi-biometric information collection software

Demographic text, ID card information, face image, fingerprint(palm print), computer information, DNA labelling barcode, SMT, etc. including image quality control





Portable multi-biometric information verification software

Storage of 100 thousand blacklist record of ten-prints and face image. Real time matching of captured fingerprint and face image and responding within 20 seconds.


Remark:  This product can be used as a stand-alone application but we strongly recommend user to build the central platform.