Face Recognition System

  Adopting the world advanced face recognition technology, the Face Recognition System is applied to face searching in large-scale database, to realize the quick comparison between the acquired face images and the database with tens of millions of face images pre-stored and a matching list containing the highest possibilities can be returned. Face acquisition and quality evaluation tools are provided in the system to enhance the performance of face searching. The server edition and the stand-alone edition are both available for the Face Recognition System.
  Server Edition
  Applied to the face comparison systems having a large data volume up to 10 million or even 100 million, such as the public security population database. Taking full advantage of the server cluster, higher enrollment speed and comparison efficiency can be thereby achieved so as to meet the high concurrent application needs. The edition is of fine augment ability and its capacity and comparison speed can be dynamically upgraded by increasing the comparison servers.
  Stand-alone Edition
  Applied to the face comparison in 1 million or less data volume. Operable on the current mainstream computers, the system is convenient to install and easy to operate, and can be either managed separately or used as a query client of a server edition Face Recognition System.
  Product Features
   Logic Sub-database
  Flexible and configurable pre-built sub-database function is provided (for example, permanent resident population database, temporary resident population database, outlaw database, etc.), and the face images are therefore managed in different sub-databases. An accurate face searching can be conducted by sub-database categories.
   Face Searching
  All digital face image types are supported for searching and the filter conditions like gender, age and place of birth are user-defined. Ranking by similarity, the candidate list length can be adjusted by candidate number and similarity threshold. Interactive candidate list navigation is also provided for the convenience of information checking.
   Batch Data Processing
  Personnel information and face images can be fast bulk imported from all kinds of external databases and field mapping of any database is supported. Quality evaluation is conducted when importing the data to avoid the poor pictures. Multi-machine parallel processing is supported as well as breakpoint resume.
   Personnel Information Management
  The imported personnel information and face images can be edited, amended, increased or deleted. The personnel information is user-defined.
   Mobile client
  Remote face image submission for searching and results with mobile phone is supported, and the mobile phone system is required to be Android 4.0 or above.
   Interactive Data Import
  Any digital face image can be imported. Functions of image display, quality evaluation, automatic eyes location and manual eye marking are provided, and multiple pictures can be entered for single person.
   Manual Authentication
  Searching result identification tools are provided for manual calibration and identification, to help the user discriminate the face images of the matching list. The identification results can be exported and printed.
   System Management
  B/S structure comprehensive management sub-system is provided for the convenience of remote configuration.
  Application Fields
  The server edition Face Recognition System is applied to public security and household register management, criminal investigation and network clean-up, criminal suspect ID verification, etc.
  The stand-alone edition Face Recognition System is applied to the occasions of 1 million data volume or less.
  Technical Specifications



Technical Indicators

Server Edition

Stand-alone Edition

Supported Image Types


Operation System

Windows 2003 Server SP2 32/64bit edition

Windows 2008 Server SP2 32/64bit edition

Windows XP SP3

Windows 7 Ultimate

Windows 8 Standard/Professional


Oracle 10g, 11g

Open-source database

Database Capacity

10 million or even 100 million level

1 million or less

Template Size

1640 Byte

Import Rate

Above 99.98%

Import Speed

10 million/day

1 million/day

Comparison Speed

Single-machine 15 million times/sec.

Single-machine 2 million times/sec.

Top-rank Rate

In 10 million database (photo quality equals to 2G ID), selected above 93%, top 10 selected above 95%.