Handheld Biometric Collection & Integral Recognition Terminals


        The product can be used for identity verification, suspects tracking, wanted checking and other purpose. It is handheld integration equipment for public security mobile application. The system is based on the Android platform,which has functions of personnel information collection, storage and comparison.

        The 1:1 verification function can be realized by the comparison between fingerprint and face captured from the device and biometric data read from the identity card chip.

        The 1:N offline identification function can be realized by the comparison between fingerprints and face captured by the device and the biometric database stored in the device. The 1:N back-end search could also be supported by sending the live captured biometric data to the back-end ABIS system by 3G/4G network or WIFI, and then retrieving the identification result from back-end system.



Product Appearance





Product Functions


 •  Rolled fingerprint or two Flat fingerprint collection and identification function

It is embedded with the smallest rolled fingerprint collection module in the industry with FBI Appendix F certification. It can collect one rolled fingerprint or two flat fingerprints. 1:N fingerprint search application can be built with a pre-imported fingerprint database in the device.

 •  Flat fingerprint collection and identification function

Built-in capacitor fingerprint sensor, for flat fingerprint capture. 1:N fingerprint search application can be built with a pre-imported fingerprint database in the device.

 •  Face collection and identification function

Built-in HD camera module, for facial images capture. 1:N facial search application can be built with a pre-imported local facial information database in the device.

 •  GPS support

With GPS support, current location could be obtained and saved together with other related information.

 •  Wireless communication capabilities

Support 4G/3G and WIFI capabilities.

 •  NFC support

With NFC support, application can be built to read biometric information stored in the ID card, and compare with fingerprint or facial lively captured by the device at the scene for 1: 1 verification purpose.



Application Scenarios


        The product could quickly and accurately make 1:1 verification via face or fingerprint comparison. Could be used for public security, banking, civil aviation, railways, hotels, post offices, telecommunications, etc. Could handle audit business through fingerprint and face to re-check the information, and effectively guard against fraudulent use of identity cards and other criminal acts; at the same time can be used to account migration, population management.

        For public security application, such as at the airport, bus station, railway station, stadium, passage gate or even on a moving train with 1:N identification and GPS functions, this hand held equipment could be used for arrest fugitives, track suspects, anti-terrorism and all other security aspects.