Desktop & Wall-amounted Verification Terminal



  Product Function
  Multi-biometric Capture
  Face image is automatically captured by the program with the built-in HD/industrial camera without manual operation. An embedded fingerprint sensor conformant with the MPS standard to capture flat fingerprint image.
  Smart card information reading
  The demographic text, face image and fingerprint features can be read with the built-in ID card reader.
  Evaluation of image quality
  It has functions of fingerprint and face image quality evaluation, image detection and standardized clipping. Poor
  quality images will be rejected so as to guarantee accurate verification.
  Long life supplementary lightning
  The built-in long life professional high emitting white LED illumination light can be adjusted according to environment light to ensure even and uniformed face image.
  Intelligent verification
  The verification program is activated with the ID card swiping and then fingerprint and face image is captured and verified with voice guidance to guarantee verification accuracy.


  Product Application
  Driving school
  Examination room
  Training institutions
  Examinee verification
  Account holder verification
  Customer verification