Integrated Personal Information Collection System

  The Hisign integrated Personal information collection system is an integral assembled information collection product of proprietary intellectual property rights. It is designed in modular structure with best ergonomics. It features highly integrated collection of personal information of various aspects with different assembled modules into one concise and stand-alone application unit. It replaces the previous collection of personal information from multiple capturing systems and then combine information from various sources into one integral record of a same person. This has been an innovative product to seamlessly integrate information collection and information application into one solid product to remarkably increase work efficiency of the users.
  The Hisign integrated Personal information collection system is an integrated application platform of high compatibility and flexibility for personal information collection and application in one unit. It can collect e-ID card information, live fingerprint and palm print, standard photo, information of personal belongings, foot print, mobile phone information, SMT, handwriting, DNA sampling, body height, weight and foot length, etc.  It serves as the data input client for backend AFIS, AFPIS, Automated face identification system and DNA database management and identification system. The hardware is made of strong materials and each module is designed to be shock resistant and Vandal-proof.
  Ergonomic design: Product design is conformant with human engineering principle and in accordance with operation habits of users. It is easy to operate.
  Modular design: Composed of such models as fingerprint/palm print sensor, ID card reader, Camera, automatic height, weight and foot length measuring device, foot print sensor, mobile phone information reader, personal belonging information capturer, printer, etc. They are easily dissembled or assembled and can be separately transported.
  All in one collection: Integrated information collection and querying work flow designed for efficient data input and searching.
  Comfortable operation: Manipulation with safe and comfort, combination of automation and intelligence.
  Structured design: Compatible with various fingerprint sensors and palm print sensors.
  “Low-Carbon” materials: Environment friendly materials.