Voter Verification for National Elections and Prevention of Repeated Voting

    Electoral administration is most important to guarantee fair and square during any term of national election. Identification of voters shall be carried out so that the right person is voting and repeated voting by the same person under different or multiple identity shall be identified and avoided.
   Voter Registration
  Ascertainment of the qualifications of electors is normally made during voter registration. Electoral administration system shall be setup with ABIE for biometric identification and verification. The biometric of the registrant (normally fingerprint) shall be collected and searched in the database of voters to avoid multiple registration of the same elector under different names.  By means of biometric identification (fingerprint) it is guaranteed that no duplicate registration exist in the database.
   During the voting, the voter shall present his/her fingerprints together with the voter number, and the fingerprint will be compared with the corresponding print retrieved from the database for qualification verification and voting status verification. After the voter is successfully verified, he can cast his vote and the voting status is recorded in the database and the voter is no longer qualified.