Video Investigator

  The investigator is convenient, efficient, powerful, and versatile. It could be configured for standalone mode, ad hoc network mode, C/S mode, or cloud computing mode, and each of these mode is designed for specific scenarios. It supports various stream coding and many different video formats. Integrated with powerful real-time video enhancement toolkit, it supports different methods for events detection.
  Fast Video Downloader
  This downloader is essentially a pad that supports online and offline video download. It allows you to download video from DVR, NVR, NVS, video surveillance network and mobile storage units; it supports multi-thread, and broken download resume, and it could automatically correct video time as well;
  Advanced Intelligent Video Play
  The system automatically switches to slow or normal play modes when the frames have moving objects or crowded targets, to fast play for rare moving targets, skips unrelated frames, and focuses on the moving events, to shorten viewing time, and improve the efficiency of video review.
  Advanced Video Synopsis
  Simultaneously, all the events within a specific video-clip could be presented in one scene with our patented powerful video synopsis algorithm. With this algorithm, a short video summary of a long video is established, to track and analyze moving objects, events, activities and etc. With this capability, viewing and analysis of video record is no longer costly or intensive, but joyful and full of interests.
  Real-time Video Quality Enhancement Toolkit
  Video content analysis relies on good input video, therefore, our system is embedded with powerful video enhancement technologies such as video denoising, image sequence stabilization, unsharp masking, video deblurring, histogram editor, and super-resolution.
  Accurate Search of Small-tiny Targets
  The system automatically extracts the small moving objects of the video, and shows them with thumbnail pictures. Especially, the system can quickly and accurately extract small targets at night under low-light environment, which gives full consideration to the environmental characteristics of complex video cases, to meet the video investigation requirements of non-undetected targets, so that people can see the video review of the moving targets for further analysis.
  Intelligent License Plate Recognition
  The system supports rapid positioning, extracts the license plate information, and effectively identifies the license plate number, color and other information, which provides a convenient tool to retrieve the suspect vehicle.