Data Acquisition and Analysis Instrument for Mobile Phone

  The equipment adopts the integrated design, which consists of three parts: acquisition system, intelligent analysis system and terminal hardware. It can collect the regular data, application data and deleted data in the mobile phone.
  The system makes research and analysis with data collected and the existing data in database, in order to obtain clues to solve the case, improve detection efficiency.
 Product Functions
  • Intelligent Acquisition
  Through a variety of connection channels (data lines, Bluetooth, infrared, physical read), smart read out the brand and intelligent machine models and operating systems and other information, automatic detection of intelligent platform operating system category and chip Type. Support GSM / CDMA / WCDMA / TD-SCDMA / CDMA2000 standard mobile phone.
  • Analysis System
  The main groups of intelligent analysis, phone number intelligent mining, common relationship analysis, disappearing phone number analysis, new phone numbers analysis, the owner of identity analysis, time and frequency analysis, contact frequency analysis, phone number attribution analysis, acquisition statistics report, the suspect analysis report.
  • Query Statistics